Franklin First will MATCH your gift!

We have great news! Though we can’t gather this year (again) for our March event, Franklin First Federal Credit Union, our amazing sponsor, has offered to MATCH our giving this month!

That’s right – Franklin First will match up to $1000 of our collective giving to either The United Way of Franklin County or to theCommunity Fridge project so your gift will be DOUBLED! There is a ton of need out there right now, so please take advantage of Franklin First’s generosity!

United Way: “Dollars to United Way during this time are impacting food security and access to basic needs services, mental health support programming, and access to educational support systems to assist with remote learning challenges.”

Community Fridge: This brand-new project, partnering with Common Good, is placing refrigerators on the streets of Greenfield, Amherst, Northampton, Shelburne Falls, Turners and Colrain. Anyone can donate food, anyone can take food. “The purpose is to help mitigate food insecurity and build community resilience.”

Thanks ever so much, Franklin First, for generously supporting our neighbors.And thank you, faithful 100 Who Carers, for hanging in with us despite our inability to gather. Have a great spring!

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