Can I have more details about how this works?    The best way to explain this is with this short video from a Chicago chapter. But please note that our Franklin County group meets only three times per year, with a donation of only $33 per meeting (instead of four times per year/$100 each meeting described in the video). There’s also lots of great info on the 100 Who Care National Alliance website.

Why do we commit to giving only $33 three times per year rather than $100 four times per year like many other chapters?    We want to include as many community members as possible so we decided to keep the commitment affordable. We do, however, strongly encourage you to give more if you are able. You still commit to giving a minimum of $99/year on the Commitment form, but can write your check for a larger amount at the meeting – $50, $100, etc. In addition to your donation to the winning organization, you can donate to the other nominated organizations, too.

Will this be fun?    Yes yes yes! In addition to being a way to learn more about Franklin County and help with our neighbors’ needs, this is a great social opportunity. We hope members will join us after the short meetings for drinks, food, and possibly music, either in the meeting space or in a nearby pub.

How do I join 100 Who Care – Franklin County? To join, simply fill out this Commitment form. You are committing to giving $33 three times a year indefinitely to good causes in Franklin County. Your email address will go on our list, and we’ll keep you updated about events via email, our Facebook page, and our website.

Can I nominate a non-profit if I’m not a member of 100 Who Care – Franklin County?  No, only members who have signed a Commitment Form and are current on their contributions may submit a charity for consideration. We encourage you to commit, nominate, and present a non-profit, but you cannot nominate a non-profit at a meeting and present it on that same evening (we need time to vet all organizations to make sure they are 501(c)(3)s in good standing).

Which organizations are allowed to be sponsored?    In order to be considered at a meeting, the organization must have a strong presence in Franklin County and serve Greenfield and/or the surrounding towns. The organization should be a non-profit entity recognized as a 501(c)(3). While a non 501(c)(3) organization is still eligible for consideration, contributions will not be tax deductible so members must be aware of this status prior to voting. No national or international charities, programs or organizations will be considered unless they have a location in the Franklin County area, as the purpose is for contributions to stay 100% in the community.

What is a 501(c)(3)?    It is an organization which has applied for and received a 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS by meeting the standards set forth in the Federal tax code section 501(c)(3). Such organizations are commonly called “charitable organizations” and are “organized and operated exclusively for … charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, educational purposes, to foster national or international amateur sports competition, promote the arts, or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.” However, for the purposes of 100 Who Care – Franklin County all groups up for consideration must be local.

Is my contribution tax deductible?    Yes, your contribution is tax deductible if made payable to a 501(c)(3) organization. Checks are written directly to the local organization NOT to 100 Who Care. Please contact your tax adviser or visit the IRS Website for further information.

How are organizations chosen to receive donations?    Any member who has signed the Commitment Form may submit a completed Nominating Form to the steering committee. All nominations must be received a few days prior to the meeting. Three organizations will be selected at random at each meeting. If the organization you submitted is selected, you will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation (please, no PowerPoint presentations or videos) explaining why your chosen organization should receive the donation. Each presentation will then have 5 minutes for Q & A, which can be fielded by a representative of the charity (regardless of whether they’re a member). Presentations can include posters and flyers, but no computer/electronics equipment may be used. We encourage members to participate by submitting the names of local, needy, charitable organizations prior to each meeting!

How long do I have to wait to re-nominate my organization?    If your nomination is chosen from the hat at the meeting, and you present it but are not chosen for the collective gift, you must wait one year to re-nominate that particular organization. If your nominated organization is chosen for the collective gift, you must wait three years before nominating it again.

What if I can’t attend a meeting?    If you cannot attend a meeting, you can do one of two things:  You can send a blank, signed check with a trusted friend to the meeting. They will write in the name of the charity that is chosen and give it to the organizers on your behalf. They do not vote on your behalf. We can only count the votes of members who are present. OR check your email, our website or Facebook to see which organization is chosen, then promptly write your check and mail it to the Steering Committee and we will send it to the charity on your behalf. Only members who are current in their contributions are eligible to vote. We can only count the votes of members who are present.

When will meetings be scheduled?    We hold our events in March, June, and September, but that may shift as needed.

Can I just send the donation to the charity myself?    No, the goal of the 100 Who Care organization is to make a collective large donation on behalf of the whole group. We want to be able to support this endeavor and together give $3,000+ at a time to make an impact in our community, with each member’s donation being part of the larger donation. We also need to be able to track your donations so that you get credit for the donation and remain eligible for submitting charities and voting at meetings.

What if I already donate to an organization that is chosen?    You will be expected to make your 100 Who Care contribution to that organization in addition to any contributions you normally make. The intention of 100 Who Care is to make an additional impact to organizations in our community.

How long do the meetings last?    Meetings are intended to be very short, generally lasting no longer than 60 minutes. But please plan to stay longer to socialize afterwards if you can.

Can I bring a friend to the meeting?    Absolutely! However, in order to vote, they will need to sign a Commitment Form and become a member before voting at the meeting.

Do I have to live in Franklin County to participate?    Nope!  Everyone who cares about Franklin County is super duper welcome.

What if I don’t have a checkbook?    No worries.  We know that a lot of folks these days don’t carry a checkbook.  You can bring cash (it’s best if you bring exactly $33, since we won’t be set up to provide change). Make sure you put it in an envelope so we know that it’s from you.

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